Friday, 21 October 2016

Grace of Indian Women – Anarkali Suits

Anarkali is a kind of suit worn by women not only of India but also in Pakistan. It consists of a kurti, which is usually a figure cudding till the upper center and the lower portion flares like a long round skirt. It is worn with a churidar and a chunni.

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 Anarkali suits came into existence in the Mughal period and have just made a vast come back in the fashion industry. Since the Mughal period the design has not lost its gracility and still considered an elegant and fashionable pick among the many classes of India.
Lately the Anarkali suit has gotten so much popular that it has become a designer wear for women. The Anarkalis come in a range of fabrics and are embroidered with different materials like zari, stones, kundan, etc.
The Anarkali also salutation most Indian body types because of its A-line cut. It gives one a slimmer shape, giving an overall elegant look. The suit can be teamed with traditional or modern Jewelry along with juttis.
The past of the beginning of the ‘Anarkali’ is considered quiet gripping and controversial in the Indian history. Anarkali was a bond servant girl, who danced the mujra at the palace of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He purportedly buried her alive for having an illicit relationship with Prince Jahangir. Due to the lack of sources, the story of Anarkali is widely considered false. The dresses these dancers wore was known as mujra dress and later they got popular by name ‘Anarkali’ suit in the retention of a great dancer and a passionate lover.
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