Friday, 25 August 2017

Improve Your Grace With Designer Sarees

The saree is a cultural Indian garment worn by a large number of women in India.
Though there is a lot of western grip in the way people dress today, can we deny the fact that an Indian woman looks perfectly impressive in a saree?

 There is something about the designer saree that makes a woman look grand, pleasing and  stylish. Over the years, the Indian designer saree has evolved into a fashion statement, what with most fashion designers elucidates the look and feel of this traditional designer saree. Designer bridal sarees are also very popular, especially those designed by fashion designers.

 Rootage of Sarees

The rootage of a saree can be dated back in the past and there are many references to it while the Indus Valley Civilization. In more recent times, it is expected that the women in most parts of India have been wearing sarees for many years.

How to Wear a Sari?

A saree can be worn in various ways - each region in India has its own different style of wear a saree and this is what makes the sari an interesting wear.

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The most common way to wear a sari is by patch it around the waist from one side over the petticoat, making clean pleats in the front - 6-7 depending on the length of the loose end (pallu / palla) that you want, and then draping it over the shoulder from front to back or back to front.
Just as there are different styles of wearing a saree, there are also various fabrics used and their  prices depending on the quality.

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