Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Make Your Feet Beautiful

Anklets adorn the ankle of a bride, is made of silver (mostly) and has kundan or beads as decorations.

Anklets are worn by women of all age groups and are popular for their intense styles and embroidery.

PAJEB, also known as anklets refer to jewelry that are worn around the ankle. Anklets are an important part of women's adornment in the Indian tradition though they have also been found in other ancient cultures of Egypt. 

Anklets are a part of jewelry and have great social insignificant. However, apart from their esthetic value the basic motive of the anklet is to draw notice to the wearers legs and feet.

Anklets come in varying shapes and sizes in present times. From the traditional and rather delicate silver and gold chains, they have developed into beautiful threaded versions in wood, crystals, semi-precious stones.

Anklet is a significant part of bride’s jewelry in India. Traditionally, the new bride announces her entry into her husband’s house with the tinkly of her PAJEB. 

Mostly, Indians prefer to wear anklets made of silver, as gold is considered to be the metal of the gods. People in India, therefore, consider it insulting to wear gold on the bottom most part of the body. Many people though go in for gold-plated anklets these days. Its included in the ornaments of bridal jewelry.
Designer Silver Anklets

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Anklets are considered to be a traditional and fortunate gift for the new bride in India. An designer anklets needs to be at least two or three inches larger than the ankle size, so that the beads, bells and other embellishments fall right under the ankle bone. But then, there are exceptions, depending upon the outfit or footwear it must match with and the comfort level of the wearer.