Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tips To Look Gorgeous During Navratri

Navratri is a very important festival for Hindus and they celebrate with grandeur and faith. The nine day celebration involves praying and worshiping, dancing, singing, wearing colorful clothes and having a blast with friends and family. During Navratri, you will see that people are wearing colorful clothes and celebrating the festival with utmost devotion and fun. The main attraction of the festival is beautiful girls flaunting their colorful dresses and especially lehenga choli or chaniya choli.


There are various online stores as well where you can see that these dresses are available and you can buy them at cheap price. No matter how many ways are there to look beautiful, still you should know some of the tips to look gorgeous during Navratri. You can buy chaniya choli online and make yourself look beautiful during the festival.


Tips to follow during Navratri for a gorgeous look

1.       If you are buying clothes for Navratri then always go for bright colors. They look good and they give a vibrant look to your personality and you can pair them with varied accessories.

2.       You will find various fusion dresses but it will be best if you go for typical traditional design. They look beautiful and they are designed especially for the festival.

3.       Do not put on over make up and go light. It will help you to get attention more on your dress rather than your face. You can also go for a heavy dress that is full traditional.

4.       For footwear, wear flats with no heels. It will not only give a very simplified look but will also help you dance as long as you want and especially play Garba which everybody loves to. They are not painful as well.

5.       Choose the dress in which you will feel comfortable. A comfortable and confident girl is liked by all and so do you. You can also dance comfortably if you are comfortable in the dress.

 Pair your dress with heavy accessories that are traditional. Look for complimentary jewelries so that your total outfit looks stunning.