Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What Are The Factors To Check While Buying Sarees Online ?

Honestly, online shopping doles out more benefits than the disadvantages. Starting from the extravagant variety, party wear sarees with a price ending with a new saree online sale  and  various payment options, the advent of online shopping has put an end to the daunting task of thronging malls and retail shops to pick up your favorite apparel.

Though, the internet is flooded with articles and guidelines for saree shopping online, there are but a few important ones that you must take care of before you move on to buy online sarees.

 Product Description:

The product description is the first and foremost factor that you must check when choosing a saree online. Look up for the words: mixed, pure and faux, which indicates the originality of the saree? Though even product description can be misleading, but it can assist you in drawing a rough sketch about the Saree you're about to buy.

Browse through Pictures: 

Go through all the images with rapt attention, without missing out on even one of them. Reject the ones that showcase single pictures of a saree. You must look at all the sides, and zoom in to judge the fabric. You might even notice the fine artistic work on the fabric. 


Single images of a product can be misleading, in the case of judging the color. Few colors are quite difficult to understand. Try browsing all the pictures of the product, one by one and try differentiating the colors. If you observe even a slight difference in color, call the supplier to confirm about the actual color.


As for the price, it's good to use your own judgement rather than blindly relying on the website. In a world, where sellers have learn the art of playing with words and endorsements, it is good to stay away from a product that comes with a doubtful price tag. You would want to buy it at first with the mere craze and repent later on.

 Length and Width: 

What we often don't tend to check is the size of the saree. Henceforth, there's a chance of being fooled if we don't check on with the length and width. A normal Saree’s average size must not be less than 5 meters. As for the width, measure your existing sarees to conclude what amount of width you require.  


Weight of saree plays a crucial role, so it's always advisable to check the weight before you proceed to add it to your cart. A Saree heavier than 2kg will hinder your movement and would restrict you from waking or working with it on. Though for parties and occasions, where you would just sit and enjoy, you can wear heavier sarees.  

Also check factors to buy party wear saree online, which would help you to look more stunning in the party.