Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Pick an Indian Wedding Saree

Elegance and cultural forms are what every bride wants in her wedding dress. Every bride wants to look best on her that big day. Let’s take a look at the options and trends that an Indian bride can look at while picking her perfect dress on her wedding.


A bride can wear a traditional saree which is known as ‘panetar’ or a lehenga. To make draping and a saree we also have the option of a lehenga-saree. You can select any of the above as per your preference . Indian wedding sarees are also available in various styles to fit different lineation to make your look beautiful.

  •  Designs for your bridal saree - Traditional embroidery is a frequently noted design for a bridal dress. Embroidered fabrics, thread work are elegant forms of design, mainly utilized in wedding occasions. Pearls and gems are also used for attractive work in a wedding saree. Various gold unessential are also used to complement the fabric.

  •  Colors for your bridal dress  - Most of the wedding designer sarees are poly-colored, with a single shade highlighting the main part of the dress. Deep and bright reds like maroon, magenta, yellow and orange are most favored colors for a wedding occasion. Latest trend of wearing blue, violet and green has also emerged in the bridal closet.

  • Pick an ideal wedding dress - lehengas, lehenga-sarees and sarees  are conventional dresses of brides in an Indian wedding. You should take really good care in the measurements of your dress. It should not be too loose or suffocative and making it difficult to breathe. As far as colors are concerned, you can choose from large varieties of shades. Indian wedding dresses even exhibit combination of fabrics. Silk, satin and georgette can stand alone or can be combined in different forms to prepare a perfect wedding saree. You can easily pick a fabric in which  you comfort.


  • Acquiring Indian wedding dress from online stores - You can purchase Indian wedding sarees from online stores. Some online stores even offer lehengas on undertake! While most other e-commerce bridal wear stores offer customized fittings and alterations if you select the bridal dress online. Many designers too have move in online stores to exhibit their dressmaking to potential buyers. So now instead of visiting each boutique for latest collection, you can take a look through accessible options of leading fashion designers with just a few clicks.